Top 10 Reasons to Get a Medicare Supplement Plan Pt1

During retirement, millions of Americans depend on Medicare to assist with their basic health needs. However, Medicare does not cover everything, and even if it covers a particular service, it often does not pay 100% of the cost. Therefore, many Medicare participants are seeking additional insurance coverage in the form of a Medigap Plan to protect their finances from unexpected health care costs. Next, we will examine why Medigap plans can be useful and if you should consider one for your situation.

Medicare supplement plans (Medigap) are sold privately to provide a variety of options for your health.

Get a Medicare supplements at  to helps to pay for the cost of Medicare, Part A and B.

Original Medicare i.e. the insurance you qualify for if you are 65 years old or if you have a qualifying disability, is made of Medicare Part A and B. Part A offers health insurance and Part B (health insurance) treats the questions medical preventive services such as certain checkups and immunizations; permanent medical devices; and other services and articles. However, Part A may be associated with significant annual deductibles and coinsurance or late payments for some inpatient services. Part B also has co-payments, co-insurance, an annual deductible and a monthly premium. A Medicare supplemental insurance can help reduce the cost of your primary Medicare costs. For example, some plans pay the Medicare Part A deductible.

Ten benefits of Medicare supplemental plans

Great protection for medical bills

Let’s say you need to buy Medicare-related medical items on a regular basis. Under Medicare Part B, medicare can cover 80 percent of the total cost, but you are responsible for 20 percent of the bill. You must meet the annual Medicare Part B deductible before Medicare starts paying their share. This deductible amount may change from one year to the next. If you are covered by a Medicare supplement plan, this additional 20 percent out-of-pocket will be at least partially covered (fully covered by many Medicare supplement plans).

Cover outside the United States

If you are on vacation outside the US and if you have an accident or sudden illness, some Medicare supplemental plans will help you cover medical expenses outside the country.

Guaranteed acceptance

Depending on when you buy Medicare Supplement Insurance, the insurance company must accept you as a member, even if you have health problems, and cannot charge you a higher price because of your illness. This is the case if you enrolled for Medicare supplemental plan during the open enrollment period for Medicare supplement plan i.e. within 6-month from the month you are 65 and have Medicare Part B.

You can always request a Supplemental Medicare Policy, although if you are applying for the Medicare Supplemental Enrollment Period, in most cases, health insurance may deny you the sale of a policy or charge you a higher rate based on a review of your medical history.

In some cases, for example, if you lose other Medicare benefits, you have “guaranteed issue rights” to receive a Medicare supplement plan if you buy it after the open enrollment period for the Medicare supplement.

Guaranteed renewable policy.

If you have health problems, it is guaranteed that all standard Medicare supplement plans will be renewable. This means that insurance companies cannot cancel your plan when you make your premium payments. This also means that your policy will be renewed automatically every year.